Things we did in Technology

What we Learned in Technology

We did different projects in different apps. The different apps we used were Imovies, Itrailer, etc.

Five Things We Used in Technology


  1. Create perfect movies of your own!
  2. Use interesting music in your movie.
  3. You can use your own idea!


  1. You can create jaw dropping trailers
  2. Create them to get the audience wanting to see the movie
  3. Put in small clips of the movie

Haiku Deck

  1. Make a project
  2. the app provides a bunch of pictures without having to source them
  3. You have a bunch of different texts

Explain Everything

  1. You can explain everything
  2. You can record while working on the project
  3. It lets you use a pointer while recording

Go Animate

  1. You can use a bunch of different backgrounds
  2. Make the characters come to life
  3. You can have the characters talk