Preparatory Assignment


Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Experience with GeoGebra 2-D & 3-D

* National Research Council, 1996: “Teachers are the most significant factor which effects learning of the students with their teaching.”

* Shulman, 1986: "The teaching is an interactive act between students and teacher and it requires comprehension and reasoning.

* Schoenfeld, 1998: "Beliefs and goals, are important cognitive factors that may help to shape the perception of teachers concerning their instructional practice and the role of technology used; along with knowledge, beliefs and goals may well be critically important determinants of what teachers do and why they do it."

* Thomson, 1984: "Teachers’ beliefs about how mathematics should be learned, appeared to influence how they taught it, irrespective of their expressed beliefs about their personal instructional practice."

Research Questions

Question 1: What are the middle school mathematics teachers' -experienced with GeoGebra- opinions (beliefs and goals) about usage of GeoGebra in middle school?
Question 2: How do middle school mathematics teachers use GeoGebra in mathematics classes? Sub-question: For what purposes and in which topics do teachers use GeoGebra?


* To collect data, I will be working with a sample of mathematics teachers who are teaching mathematics through GeoGebra, in one of the private middle schools in Turkey.

* I am planning to conduct semi-structured interviews with the middle school mathematics teachers. --with interview questions asking about: technological problems they faced/experienced, their personal motivation to continue using GeoGebra--

* I also would like to attend some of their classroom sessions in which they will use GeoGebra. I will observe them during their teaching and I will take field notes. If possible, I will videotape their lesson implementations.

Educational Technology

GeoGebra in Mathematics Education

* GeoGebra is a free software which anyone with Internet access can download it. Therefore, it is one of the most common softwares used in mathematics classes in Turkey.

* The aim of the current study is to investigate middle school teachers' experiences with GeoGebra, their purposes to use this software, their goals and beliefs on GeoGebra.