How to fill out the 1040EZ

By Shaun Davis

1040Ez Info

In order to fill out the 1040EZ, you need a W2 form from your employer. You then also need your tax tables and the 1099-INT forms from the IRS. Then you need to get the 1040Ez form from the IRS and fill it out. Make sure you fill it out by April 15th.

First Steps of the filling out your 1040EZ

First step, you fill out your personal information.

Second step, fill out the first four lines of the sheet.

This consists of knowing your wages, salaries, and tips, the taxable interest, if you receive unemployment compensation and you will also find your Adjusted Gross Income

Payments, Credits, and Tax

For line 7, you find your Federal income tax withheld by finding it on the W2 form and the 1099-INT form. You have to know if you have Earned Income Credits to fill out Line 8a/b. To find your total payments and credits for line 9, you add lines 7&8. For line 10 you need the total from line 6, and find your tax in the tax table. You need to know if you have Health Care for line 11 for the total. For line 12, add lines 10 and 11 for your tax.

Finishing Touches

The last things needed for the 1040EZ, you need to find your refund or you need to find out the amount of money that you owe. If line 9 is larger than line 12, you subtract line 12 from 9 and and that is your refund, but if line 12 is larger than 9, then you subtract line 9 from line 12, and that is how much you owe. After this you need to fill more info and sign your name.
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