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Who We Are

Eternal Rest Funeral Home was established in 1982 and has been family owned and operated by the Everest family since its start. We specialize in providing your family with personalized, compassionate, and quality care when it comes to all funeral needs and services. We also offer cremation services and have a full line of caskets, headstones, and monuments for you and your family to choose from. We can also assist you in purchasing funeral plots within the area. We will provide detailed information and help you through the whole process.


Funerals are an important part in helping family and friends face the reality of death and begin to grieve and mourn (Wolfelt, n.d.). Planning a funeral can be very stressful and difficult especially when coping with the loss of a loved one. We highly recommend planning for the future and making arrangements and choices ahead of time with your loved ones to help alleviate this burden during time of loss and mourning. Some of these important choices that need to be made are: disposition (burial, cremation, entombment), what to wear, what type of casket, monument, and/or headstone, readings, eulogies, flowers vs. donations, burial site, organ donation, budget, and more. (Morrow, 2014). We are here to support and help families plan at all times and stages of life.


You want your loved one to be honored and remembered in the most respectful manner. Take into consideration what your loved one's wishes were, what type of service, details, and atmosphere they would want. For those who want their loved one's body shown or displayed, we accommodate open casket viewings. We also provide slideshows, music, and picture boards for you to customize and display special memories and mementos of your loved one on in place of open casket viewing or as an added feature with the open casket viewing. If your culture or religion practices other rituals, please come in and talk to us so we can accommodate, honor, and respect your loved one and family.


After family and friends have gathered to support and remember the deceased one, a service is usually held. This can be held at our facility, a church or other religious facility, or other establishment upon request. We can suggest music, readings, and other services to honor your loved one. "Your faith or culture may have its own variations on the elements above so please be encouraged to follow them as you see fit" (Wolfelt, n.d.). We will do our best to accommodate all requests. We will also transport your loved one to the cemetery, mausoleum, or other burial site after services have finished. Families may also hold an additional ceremony or service at the burial grounds as well.

Legal & Financial Factors

Planning ahead financially and legally for death and funeral services is of the utmost importance. Families do not want to worry about expenses and legal issues immediately after a loved one has passed away. The cost of a funeral can be overwhelming if it is unexpected and unplanned for. In 2010, the average cost of a funeral was $10,000 (Trusted Choice, n.d.). It is recommended to take out at least a $20,000 life insurance policy to cover not only funeral costs, but help defray the costs of estate fees, attorney fees, and unsettled debts. Eternal Rest can help you obtain the death certificate, burial permit, and other legal items. We offer prepaid services and plans, as well as payment plans if needed. We do not want your family to struggle financially so we offer economically friendly services as well that coincides with your budget.

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