Democracy Australia

All the things you need to know about Democracy

The Ancient Democratic system

Democracy is a form of government which people take part in governing. The word Democracy comes from the greek language and means rule of the people. The first democracy began in Athens. Many other states chose it for their government too. Most of the male citizens to vote if they owned land or owned their own houses. Another problem back then was that most fo the men had jobs to do such as planting their grain, making shoes and fighting wars. They couldn' t alway take time out of their important jobs and voting. So most democracies ended up choosing a few men who would do most of the voting. These days women weren't allowed to vote because they were only known as the cleaner, food maker and whatever else they would have done.

Current Democracy

Current Democracy

These days all people over the age of 18 must vote every 3 years. If people do not vote they will be fined.

Where do you go to vote?

To vote you would go to your local public school. You walk down to the hall, classroom or where ever you are sent to vote. while your walking down to where you are voting their are some people with flyers. These people try to persuade you to vote for who ever they are alined with. When you get to your booth you may have lots of piles of flyers or you may have only 2 or 3. You choose someone to vote for. Your given a sheet with boxes you either label 1 to 5 for who your favroute is to your least faveroute or you can just tick one box. when your done doing that you go to a ballot box and hide your vote, then you place your vote in the ballot box. After the whole day is done someone will count the votes and whoever gets the most votes are the winner.