Connect, Collaborate, Create

21st Century Libraries:


  • To connect, collaborate and create.
  • Fit the need of the target audience.


  • Various spaces
  • Flexible layouts
  • Allow for student choice and self guidance


  • Welcoming
  • Soft seating
  • Natural lighting
  • Quiet areas
  • Places to gather


  • Tech ready
  • Maker spaces
  • Offer today's resources for today's projects

Redesigned spaces include:

  1. Flexible Spaces

  2. Collaboration Spaces

  3. Social learning spaces with soft seating

  4. Quiet learning spaces

  5. Spaces to market books not warehouse inventory

  6. Strong infrastructure of electricity and network connectivity

  7. Energetic and inviting spaces

  8. Technology, multimedia and social networking access

  9. Creation more than consumption spaces

  10. Color

  11. Natural light

  12. Access to the outdoors