My question is to see which candle lasts longer.


The problem is I want to see which candle lasts longer by using 5 candles.


My hypothesis is that the vanilla candle will lasts longer.The reason it will lasts longer is because it is very big and holds a ton of wax.


  • 5 candles
  • A matchbox
  • Camera
  • Ruler
  • Data chart
  • Data journal


1.Set up the 5 candles.

2.Measure the candles to see how much wax is there.

3.Begin to light the candles one by one.

4.After lighting the candles measure the wax when your done.

5.Then subtract how was before you lit it to after you lit it and the equation is the amount of wax it burned.



1. A few candles died

2. Missing needed pictures


What happened on the project is that some candles died earlier because they were already used and were not new.Also the cherry berry blast candle was the winner.The reason why the berry blast candle lasted longer is because it was a big candle.


Well..My Hypothesis was wrong because only one won which was the cherry berry blast candle.The reason why it won was it was a new candle and a big one.From what I know with my knowledge is that big candles have more wax, and more wax and a long wick means it will lasts longer.


If I had do this again I would put them in different places like all spread out around the house.Also if I had more time i would have probably finished the candles and it would have burned lesser and lesser.