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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

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U.S.A Day

WHAT'S NEW? (June 3rd, 2016)

Hi Parents,

Our class will be continuing the annual tradition of watching the movie "Gettysburg" as an end of the year treat. Since this movie is rated PG, please let me know if you would not like your child to participate. We plan to watch this next week.

As our year comes to a close, we reflect back on what a busy, yet fun, year we had! We enjoyed getting to know your children as learners and, more importantly, as people. We shared a lot of laughs and appreciated our time together!

A huge thank you to all parents who have contributed to our classroom in any way. We could not have had such a successful year without your support.

I would like to welcome all families to please keep in touch! We always enjoy hearing about what is going on in your child's life after 5th grade.

Please encourage your child to read over the summer. Read, read, and read! Anything of interest is fine. Has your child joined the Northbrook Public Library reading incentive program? If not, you can head over there anytime to sign up or email me for book recommendations.

The 5th Grade Golden Folder Assembly will take place on Thursday, June 9th. This is not a "graduation" ceremony, however, it is a celebration of how the students have grown as writers over their years at Greenbriar. A collection of their writing has been saved in a Golden Folder and passed on to the next teacher each year. Parents are invited to attend this assembly and stay to watch the video portion of the yearbook afterward. The celebration start at 1:00.

Link to the GB ABC Countdown:

Have a fun and safe summer!
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza

P.S. This will be our last class newsletter of the year.

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Red Nose Day


This week in math, the students learned about Algebra. They used a program called Hands-On Equations, where they moved from concrete to abstract thinking to understand algebra. "Why do we have to learn algebra? Am I ever going to use this in my life? " they asked. Well, yes, if you are going to be an electrician, architect, animator, physicist, engineer, or computer scientist to name a few. Algebra is the gateway to success in the 21st century. It helps students to develop abstract reasoning skills necessary for life. It is problem-solving at its best and that is something we do each day and in EVERY profession. Hopefully, your child had a "positive" experience with his/her first introduction to the concept.

Reader's Workshop

Our Civil War simulation is over and the winner of the "points" was the South. The South did a great job by winning the Bulletin Board contest and the Gettysburg Address speech contest. Congratulations to both sides for working as a team and showing good sportsmanship. This simulation was enjoyed by all!

The students watched the Disney movie, "Ruby Bridges". Ruby, who was 6 years old at the time, helped to integrate an all-white school in New Orleans.

The students continued participating in their book club. They have been putting in a lot of independent reading time and are hoping to finish their novel by next week.

Writer's Workshop

This week in Writer's Workshop, they finished their informational book. They have worked really hard and the final pieces look great! There were a few students who learned the importance of backing up their work. We were lucky enough to retrieve some lost work, but other needed to start again. Overall, the students showed their growth as researchers and writers.


This week in Science, the students went on a Periodic Elements Scavenger Hunt. They used the Periodic Table to create clues for their classmates to solve in order to identify a certain element.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Monday, June 6th
  • Sexual Harassment discussion with Ms. Dames

  • Wednesday, June 8th
  • 5th Grade Celebration/Yearbook Signing 2:30-3:30. (Students only)

  • Thursday, June 9th
  • Last Day of School
  • Field Day (AM)
  • Golden Folder Assembly 1:00. Parents are welcome to join us!
  • Yearbook Video (immediately following the assembly)

Ask Your Child About.....

* tie-dye day

* U.S.A. day

* our visit from Robert Crown

* Hands-on Algebra

* how his/her informational book turned out

* their book club book

* the Ten Best Things book

* a fun and bubbly Science Lab