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כתבות נבחרות מהתלמידים המשתתפים בתכנית "ישראל מתקוונת אליך"

חג אורים שמח!

מאז תחילת השנה ובעיקר בשבועות האחרונים ראינו כולם כמה חשובים הם מאמצי ההסברה הישראלית בכל המדיות האפשריות, ופרוייקט המסבירים הצעירים נענה לאתגר והמשיך לייצג את רשת אורט ישראל בכבוד. עמוד הפייסבוק שלנו צובר עוד ועוד לייקים והחשיפה אליו מתגברת בכל יום, וזאת תודות לתלמידים הנפלאים הכותבים ומשתפים במרץ - בין אם זה על המצב או על חייהם היומיומיים.

בחרנו מספר כתבות אשר קיבלו הדים נרחבים ומשקפות את העומק, היצירתיות והכישרון של התלמידים המשתתפים בפרוייקט. אנא השתמשו בהן, הפיצו אותן, ואל תהססו ליצור עימנו קשר לראות כיצד ניתן ליצור עוד שיתופי פעולה .

משפיעים אחד-על-אחד

"מאחורי הקלעים" של עמודי הרשתות החברתיות התלמידים שלנו עונים ומתכתבים עם בני נוער מארצות שונות, שמגיבים על הכתבות שלנו.

לדוגמה, עדי איצקוביץ מאורט יד לבוביץ, נתניה, מתכתבת עם צעיר מירדן ועונה לו בצורה שקולה, אינטליגנטית וסבלנית. ההתכתבות שלהם נמשכת כבר ימים ארוכים. ככה עושים הסברה.

Believe in peace

We are Tasneem and Larisa.
We are two students in Israel.
We live in the same city and are in the same age range.
We study in different schools, but we both attend a project that is being held in "ORT" schools all around the country, called "Eye2Israel". It’s a program where teens talk about our country from the point of view that only teenagers can provide.
Tasneem studies in an Arabic school, majors in Physics and Chemistry and she's 16 years old. Larisa studies in a Jewish school, majors in Communication and Theater and she's 15 years old.

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Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies

Last Saturday, the "Hapoel Haifa" football team and the "Bnei Sakhnin" football team (the only Arab team in the Israeli football league), met for a game in the official stadium of Hapoel Haifa (my favorite football team, by the way).
I arrived at the stadium in Haifa 30 minutes before the game started, and watched the players get onto the field- one team with red shirts, the other with white.
And then a ritual began, a ritual that has been going on for the last couple of games- a big poster was raised, on it written "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies".

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Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me, today the earth has accomplished 16 spins around itself since the day of my birth.

In this very box my life is in.

My life is in this box and a pair of red shoes, which is a lot but so little.

All of my certificates, degrees, photos and even my first pajamas are within the box.

16 years ago I put on those little red shoes and today, I put on much larger shoes.

This morning I'm wearing big shoes.

Shoes of responsibility and caring. I'm responsible for my deeds and my actions.

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1 day - 4 terror attacks

Today, there were 4 terror attacks, in which 1 person was killed and 5 were hurt.
All of these attacks happened just hours apart.
Will the world see what is happening and realize it could happen anywhere, just like in France?
Will the world take action against these terrorists?
Will the world unite as one to fight this?
Only when we all understand.
Only then, will there be a chance to put an end to terrorism.

Think about something, what do these terrorists all over the world have in common?
Why do all of these terrorists commit murder? What is making them do it? In the name of what? Or better yet, in the name of who?

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Facebook France flag feature

There are many reasons to hate Facebook, mainly because of the fact that their privacy guidelines take more and more out of it But now we have another problem to face.

After the terror attack in France, Facebook announced the France flag feature to show the user's support with with France on to their profile pictures. Many people decided to change the profile picture to this version, and many people opposed this feature, and decided to change their profile picture to an Israeli flagged version. They did it because they disagreed with the fact that Facebook recognizes the terror attacks in France, but not Israel's current terror wave. This led to a massive argument around Facebook and the rest of the Internet sphere.

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