Whitney 4th Grade News

4th Grade Rocks!


Go Math Chapter 2: Multiplication

We are working on several multiplication strategies: partial products, area models, and traditional. Keep practicing those facts! Moby Max Fact Master is a great way to practice at home. Mrs. Morris is available to help us a few days a week at the end of our math time. She can work with various students on flashcards and extra practice as needed.

Reading and Language Arts

Our "Looking Back on Summer" stories are ready to hang in the hall! We will be finishing up our chapter book, "Beetles, Lightly Toasted" (BLT) next week. We will have a BLT quiz on Wednesday. Next week's story is a play, which is a great way to practice our fluency.

Science/Social Studies

Science: Paper airplanes being flown in school, unbelievable! When you are working on the design process, measurement, and scientific method, it is very believable!

Social Studies: Timelines, timelines, timelines! Every timeline needs a title, and an interval of time with events in chronological order!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 9/30 BLT quiz

Thursday 10/1 story quiz

Friday 10/2 Timeline quiz

Friday 10/2 Wear your neon colors!

Wednesday 10/7 and Thursday 10/15 conference nights