The global warming!

Nothing goes right!

It's an énormous problem! Because of the global warming, there are lots of repercussions...
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One of the main repercussions is the ice melting!

On these pictures, we can see that the ice is melting!

The polar bears.

The ice is melting, it's a serious problem because at the North Pole the ice melts very fast! The polar bears live in the ice, and if it stays that way, the species will be disappear!
Look at the pictures, they represent the habitat of polar bears living at the North Pole!

The White Mount!

Later we won't go skiing because, for example at the White Mount, not so far, we watch a big difference between 1941 and now... The snow disappears!
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We have a part of responsibility in all these, the global warming isn't come here alone. It's because of our way of live, our pollution...
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There are many solutions for to improve the pollution:

-To reduce the consuption of electricity

-To throw rubbish in the dustbin

-To reduce the consuption of water