IE Venture Network

EVERY THURSDAY SINCE 2011. Pioneering Entrepreneurship.

Venture Network Area 31, January 3Oth @7pm

Venture Network, an informal weekly pitch slam, is an invaluable resource for early stage entrepreneurs. Venture Network is a forum in which you can engage with the entrepreneurial community, promote your startup, and have the opportunity to pitch before a panel of investors & entrepreneurs. Venture Network is unique in that it is a very informal gathering where startups can meet investors in a casual setting over beers and snacks and focus on what’s important: building relationships. Venture Network is a great way to perfect your pitch, get feedback on your product, and meet the local startup community.

Venture Network's jury this week includes:

Cristina Moyano, Amadeus Ventures

Jorge Montes del Pino, Montes y Asociados Consulting

The two startups that will present their project in 7 minutes are:

CityMe, Guido Schinocca

CityMe, the next generation travel software provides virtual guides for the city of the world you chose. Becoming the largest tourist behavior platform in the world.

Twitter: @CityMe_

ChangeTheBlock, Alan Draguilow

ChangeTheBlock is a startup focused on Blockchain development.

We designed a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for law firms & departments to create, edit and manage Smart Contracts without the need for programming knowledge.

Unlike current commonly used methods in the industry, our platform is entirely graphical and its management is done through a web portal in an easy and intuitive way, designed for any user, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Our contracts are designed for legal and financial entities who are currently seeking to get into this technology, however don’t have the technical background or don’t want to invest thousands of euros in Smart Contracts creation and staff technical training.

Our platform gives access to this new and very useful technology for a monthly fee without a time commitment, taking Smart Contracts to the next level.

Twitter: @ChangeTheBlock_

If you have a startup and would like to pitch, please contact Allison Rohe:

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IE Business School is one of the most celebrated business schools in the world. Through its Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, IE offers its students and alumni training, mentorship and resources to ideate, validate and launch startups thanks to programs like the Venture Lab. The Venture Networks, organized by the Venture Lab team, are organized with the aim of fostering a community atmosphere and spirit in Area31 for the greater Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem and also for IE students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship. The startups who pitch can be from anywhere (with no ties to IE) and investors who are interested in helping out early stage startups, meet aspiring entrepreneurs and stay abreast of what startups are up and coming are welcome to participate. Contact us!


Thursday, Jan. 30th, 7-9pm

Calle de María de Molina, 31, Madrid, Spain

María de Molina, 31 (Area 31)The Garden