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Principal's Message

March 7, 2021

Re: Child Identity Theft

This week is National Consumer Protection Week (“NCPW”). Many times, NCPW focuses on those engaged in consumer transactions, which don’t ordinarily include kids. However, this year we are making a dedicated effort to help protect a vulnerable population when it comes to identity theft – kids!

Child identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently uses a child’s identity to fraudulently open accounts or receive benefits. The imposter may be a family member, friend or a stranger and may use the child’s name and Social Security number to open new accounts for cell phones, utilities, credit cards and even mortgages.

Imposters may get away with using a child's identity for years because children typically do not try to check or access credit. As a result, child identity theft usually is not discovered until the child applies for college financial aid, a car loan or employment.

To help combat this problem, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has launched a video aimed at parents to understand what a child security freeze is and how to place a freeze. The video can be found here:


Stephanie Eafford


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Science Experiment

Have you ever wondered how to get scholars thinking creatively about the ideas they are studying? Ms. Kratz is a fourth-grade teacher who believes that helping scholars construct a good hypothesis or a working theory about a concept or idea that can be tested is a great way to activate scholars’ knowledge and capacity for innovation. Ms. Kratz thinks that scholars who know how to hypothesize understand that they can construct knowledge, test out their theories, and find answers to their own important questions. In this activity, this fourth-grade class had to create and test a hypotheses on which candy would melt the fastest with water.

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Congratulations to our Main Preparatory Award Winners

Main Prep Panthers of the Week are chosen because they Do Their Best every day!

Last week's winners were:

Week of March 1, 2021


Scholar(s) of the Week

Kindergarten: Ja'Ryian Kirkland, Kobi Brown, Messiah Speaight, and Zaria Woodson.

First Grade: A'yuan Anderson, Eliphilpot, and Mai'Jor Houston- Jones.

Second Grade: Kody Kelley and Donyae Harris.

Third Grade: Grac Shawn Thomas and Austin Eberz.

Fourth Grade: Ely'Jah Taylor and A'Goddess Sherman.

Fifth Grade: Air'yona Clark

Congratulations to all our award winners!

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Main Preparatory Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving extraordinary families in Akron, Ohio. Our dedicated staff and school leaders work to create a unique and personalized learning experience for scholars in grades K-5. We work with our parents and teachers to foster well-rounded learners by developing the whole-person and preparing our students to become life-ready leaders.

At Main Prep, we believe that our children deserve a loving, bright, and safe learning environment.

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Device Care Tips

Please remind your scholar of the importance of taking care of their devices. Below are a few tips to prevent the devices from low performance, damage, or accidental loss.

Ensure the case remains on the iPad or Chromebook.

Ensure food and drink are not around the device.

Ensure scholars are not moving when using the device.

Monitor data usage on the hotspot.

When lessons have concluded for the day, ensure the scholar places the device in the same location for the next day.

Ensure that your scholar's device is plugged in at the end of the day in order to be fully charged for the next school day.

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Upcoming March Events

March 12: End of the Quarter 3

March 15: Five Days a week In-Person Learning Starts

March 17: Report Cards sent home.

March 18: Student- led Conferences

March 19: Staff In-service Day- No School for Scholars

March 30th and 31th – Scholar Monthly Incentive

Summer Advantage

More information regarding this exciting opportunity for your scholars will be coming soon!

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We're Hiring a Student Enrollment Coordinator for the Akron area

"As our Student Enrollment Coordinator you will own the enrollment process to meet 100% campus enrollment goals. This process includes, but is not limited to, fostering local interest, managing first year of school enrollment, and monitoring student and family persistence. They will raise awareness of Phalen Leadership Academies, promote their campus and available grades, secure applicants, and nurture families through the persistence pipeline."

If interested please email Sommer Touchette at

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