Protecting Domestic Animals

By:Alyssa, Reagan, Kemiyah, Taylor

Domestic Animals

Do you know what a domestic animal is? A domestic animal is an animal trained by a human, like dogs, cats, birds, and much more. Wild animals are not domestic animals, like tigers, bears, certain snakes, kangaroos, and much more. You can help protect domestic animals but it does not always have to be big. You can support/donate to non-profit organizations. You can even volunteer at a non-kill animal shelter or start a donation fundraiser to help raise money to protect domestic animals. You could hang flyers around your community.(Don't forget to get a permit)

Did You Know.....

Fast Facts

  • Do help keep your pet safe you should keep them in a fenced area with a collar with a responsible adult's phone number or your own.
  • You could go to jail if the police find out you are abusing/hurting your pet.
  • Some laws help wild animals and not just domestic animals.
  • Distemper usually happens to wild carnivores and domestic dogs.
  • 44% of pet stores had at least 1 animal that is sick and not cared for.
  • Spaying and Neutering is good for your pet because it helps them live longer and takes care of some of their health problems.
  • A lot of stray animals don't have their collars when they go to the animal shelter so its hard to find their owners.
  • If stray animals reproduce it can affect the environment with over population.
  • Other living organisms can get rabies from the stray animals.
  • Domestic animals suffer from diseases, sicknesses and injuries that occur to them and their owners aren't there to cure them.
  • Some pets are most likely to get cancer from their owner if their owner smokes a lot.
  • The first domestic animal was the dog.

Owl about the authors

HI I am Alyssa, I chose this topic because I love animals and I feel that the need a voice and if no one protects them they will have no one. Each and every animal should be treated the same way as any human is treated.

Hi I'm Reagan and I chose this topic because pets can play a important role in a human's life and pets can turn out HORRIBLE if their owners don't take care of them.

Hi i'm Kemiyah I chose this topic because I have loved animals all my life and I love them ALOT I worry about them every minute asking myself questions like 'There is probably a lot of stray animals suffering right now.

Hi I am Taylor, I chose this topic because I believe that domestic animals should be protected more. Some people think that they are just not worth their time and don't need anyone to protect them and should just be left to take care of them selves.