The Founding Omnibus

By-Dan Abnett

Author Bio

Dan Abnett is a very successful comic book writer and novelist who is best known for his work with DC and Marvel Comics. He is from England and originally graduated from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford in 1984 with a business degree but has since fulfilled his life long dream of being a writer. He has sold millions of copies of his comics and novels throughout his career which is currently going full throttle. His writing are mostly fiction and science fiction in nature.

Main Characters

The Omnibus focuses on the travels and experiences of a Commissar Commander named Ibram Gaunt. He is a dedicated commander of his regiment and prefers loyalty over fear which is uncommon for a Commissar in the Imperial Guard.

Colonel Colm Corbec is Gaunt's most trusted commander who is well liked for his charismatic attitude and his men would do anything for their beloved colonel.

Major Elim Rawne is a handsome leader with a dangerous mean streak, though devout in his service he has never forgiven Gaunt for the death of their home world and has vowed that he shall die by his hand when the time comes.

Major Gol Kolea is a burly man who is adopted into the ranks for his valiant effort in the siege of Vervunhive, he is well liked and has a fierce code of honor.

Chief Medic Tolin Dorden is a medic who owned a small local practice on his home world Tanith. He has taken an oath to protect the lives in the Imperium of man and sticks to his oath even if the face of likely death.

Chief Scout Sergent Oan Mkoll is the leader of the scouts in Gaunt's regiment and is widely known as the master of stealth. He can seemingly disappear in any environment and puts this to deadly effect throughout the Omnibus.

Tona Cridd is a Vervunhive native who is found and brought in to the regiment after her valiant efforts in the siege on her Hive. She is tough by any standards and is well respected for her leadership abilities.

Trooper Varl is a Tanith native who is all about coning people out of money and showing off his plethora of tricks. He is a key player in the regiment's morale and is as loyal as he is deadly with his Tanith straight silver knife.

Trooper Brin Milo is the youngest of the Tanith and the only non military inhabitant to make it off Tanith alive. He has in a special place in the hearts of the Tanith Troops and reminds them of the home they lost. He is iconicly known for his skill with the Tanith pipes that he plays in battle.

Trooper Bragg formally known as try again Bragg is a lumbering giant of a soldier and is said to be about seven feet in height. He is famous for his lack of accuracy with his large machine gun, which is normally mounted on a vehicle but he wields it like a toy. He is a friendly member of the regiment and has the best intentions for his friends and the worst for his enemies.

Trooper Lijah Cuu is a deadly member of the Tanith First and Only who is unpopular with many for his lack of honor. He is a main source of internal conflict within the regiment and leads to many plot twists.

Flame-Trooper Brostin is a brute of a man covered in singed hair and tribal tattoos indicative of a Tanith trooper. He has a strange affinity with flame seeming to posses some mysterious control over the flames that jet from his flamethrower. He is almost never seen without a lho-stick and reeks of promethium which is used as fuel for his weapon.

Master Sniper Larkin is the best shot in the regiment and has yet to find something he can not kill with his specialized hot shot lasrifle, which is fitted with nalwood furniture native to his home world. He is a vital member of the army and claims that only looking through the scope that he puts on his rifle shows the truth of the world.

These are not the only important characters but gives you a nice taste of what is to come.


This omnibus contains 3 books that follow Ibram Gaunt in his regiment as they battle for the God Emperor of mankind to combat the evil forces of chaos. In these books Gaunt is faced with a challenging campaign in the crusade on the Sabbat system. His specialized regiment of stealthy light infantry are used to full effect in many brutal fights. The story goes through the fight for Voltis city, Foris Binary, Menazoid Epsilon, Monthax, Vervunhive, and the Shrine world Hagia. Gaunt must fight his way through each battle and keep his men alive. But also finds that it is not just the enemy he has to worry about, will Gaunt and his ghosts survive the perilous crusade? Read the book and find out.


"I have a reputation, Modile, a reputation as a fair honest man who treats his soldiers well and supports them in the face of darkness. Potentially, that reputation makes me soft. It seems I understand failure and forgive it. Some, like Kowle, believe me to be a weak commissar, not prepared to take to action my rank demands. Not prepared to enforce field discipline where I see it failing. I am an Imperial commissar. I will enflame the weak, support the wavering, guide the lost. I will be all things to all mend who need me. But I will also punish without hesitation the incompetent, the cowardly, and the treasonous."(Abnett 609-610)

I chose this quote because it shows how Gaunt commands his troops whit respect and compassion, which is uncommon in a rank where any offense of any kind deemed such by a commissar is punishable by summary execution. But this quote also shows how Gaunt, however compassionate, is not soft and he will not stray from his duty when he sees a need for discipline. Also followed immediately after this quote Gaunt executes a leader for abandoning his command positions and being cowardly costing many lives.

Who would like this book?

Anyone who is remotely into military fiction of science fiction would find these books and the rest of the series as addictive as heroine. Also anyone who is familiar with the 40k universe would also find this book appealing. This is so because this series is a science fiction masterpiece, and Dan is very good at making you feel apart of the fight and rooting for some to live and others to die. In addition any reader of these books needs to be into reading seeing as though the level of content is high and this omnibus alone is over 700 pages long. But I can promise you, once you are hooked you will find that any time not spent reading these books is time you wish you were.

Personal Review

I personally love this series specifically the first omnibus and would give it a five out of five. I found that instead of reading a single book for this project I ended up reading 14 of this book and coinciding books. All together it was well over 4000 pages. I personally just love the grim dark setting of the books and the content that was mentioned in the paragraph above.
PS- there was not book cover that was free to use or share. So instead the picture is of an Imperial aquila which is the symbol of the Emperor for which all the good characters are fighting for.


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