BOQ 4- Instagram

Made by: Emma Dickrell


Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the people who started the company/product. Their main product is an app called Instagram. Kevin and Mike started to create the app in San Francisco, California. On October 6th, 2010 at 12:15 am, the new app called Instagram was created. When the app was first launched many people where using it but it still needed a lot more progression.


The product looked like a tiny, tan camera with a little rainbow and words saying Insta in the left corner. The whole company of Burbn was trying to find glitches and ways to fix the product after it was up. There were some changes that were fixed/ improved on the product. For example, when someone were to upload a picture on Instagram it would always take along time to upload, but luckily so that the uploading now is a lot faster. Another thing that was changed about the app was that the photos looked a little funny.. so they decided to make an option to add filters to give a cool unique effect on the photos when they were uploaded. Recently Instagram had an update, now the new logo has simpler set up of the old logo, now it doesn't have as much detail, but the new logo is brighter then ever! All of the products that were made, made a huge impact on the world.


Kevin wanted a product that was like no other social media app, he wanted to make this one app as unique as he could get it . With the help of Mike Krieger, that did happen. I think Instagram had a pretty big effect on society. Both of them made this app so it could be for everyone and they made this app to help express what people are doing, saying and feeling, and that is why the app is so popular. I don't know what society would be or do without the app. Its an app that I can check up on and see what other people are doing, I would just have to look at words instead of pictures. This product has changed society.


The best seller of the company Burbn is Instagram because it now has over 400 million users that are active monthly. It was also sold over to Mark Zuckerberg for 1 million dollars. The most important product sold is the app Instagram, but if you can find it on the app store its free to download. The product is marketed online throughout an app store. But Kevin and Mike are the people who made all of this happen.

Influential person

Kevin and Mike are the people who started the company and it revolutionized the social media network. This product is like no other, It has unique way of showing all of your followers what your doing or feeling but with a picture and a caption. Kevin started the company because he wanted to make a product that was different than any other app. Mike and Kevin actually knew Mark Zuckerberg ( the creator of Facebook ), they knew him from their talk about him buying over Instagram. Kevin and Mike made an agreement on selling Instagram over to Mark for 1 million dollars.