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Advice Column: Lilly Haxx

Dear Lilly Haxx,

This headset has been taking all the time i have away from my extra curricular activities and school work i need to get done. any suggestions?? please help. ~headset addict

Dear Headset Addict,

Oh my... that's a big problem. You don't need to spend your life online. You should have your mother take away all electronic devices for a certain amount of time a day to break your addiction and soon you wont rely on them so much. Wish you the best of luck. ~ Lilly Haxx


If you are into computers or hacking then this would be a awesome book for you. The story starts in a big city with a teen hacker in junior high. The boy ,Sam, attempts to hack into one of the most protected businesses in the world. While attempting this hack, him and his friend used a neuro headset which gives them away to the organization he's trying to hack. The hacker gets arrested in the act of hacking and terrorism. He is then arrested and taken to a prison made for hackers. He escapes and is selected by a secret organization that uses the smartest hackers to help protect the U.S. Strange and scary things happened leading three of the hackers to go on the run. They get held up in a mall but escape to the dessert with a hostage. They drive to Las Vegas, which has been destroyed by a bomb, and they hide there from the organization that is making the equipment that takes over peoples minds.Then, they are driven out and head southwest. They meet a resistance and then head for a mountain. Find out the rest of this crazy adventure of these computer geniuses August 2016 in our new movie...

Feature Article of Nuero Headsets

The future of computers has arrived! The neuro headset allows you to operate computers as fast as you can think! But what happens when you link millions of minds to the most powerful network in the world? Could the human subconcious control itself? Could it create without realizing? Could it destroy?
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Selena Gomez

From Wizards of Waverly Place as Vienna
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Justin Bieber

From Believe as Sam
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Dylan O'Brian

From Maze Runner as Dodge
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Zac Efron

From 17 Again as Tyler
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