Library Lowdown (week of 4/4/16)

News and Technology from the OCMS library

Important Announcements

  1. If you have a larger class and need more than 15 computers when you bring your classes to the library, book both the library and the library lab. That way, you can have enough computers.
  2. Please send Ms. Stellmann a quick email or talk to her beforehand if you plan on sending students down. She understands if there are not enough computers to go around but needs to know in case she is busy or not in the library.

Library Usage

During last week, 471 students visited the library with 27 classes and 125 students visited on their own.

Teaching and Planning with You!

Remember that Ms. Stellmann is available not only as a planning resource, but as a co-teacher. She can come to your classroom and teach lessons, assist with small group instruction, help you with finding differentiated resources, provide you with ideas for lessons or projects, or answer questions.

She recently did the second PBA with 6th grade reading classes. Each one was designed to suit the classes she co-taught with the classroom teacher. Mrs. Hallis' classes produced pamphlets on Greek, Egyptian, or Mayan cultures. Ms. Kelley's classes produced PowerPoints and pamphlets on Mayan, Japanese, Russian, Indian, or Chinese culture. Mrs. Lagomarsino's class produced posters on Ancient Egypt.

Tech Tool of the Week


Do you want to have your students create fake Snap Chat, iPhone messenger, Facebook or Twitter posts? This site is a one stop shop.

BCPL Book Club for Students

Do you have a known reader in any of your classes? Ms. Stellmann is looking to form a book club with the help of the Randallstown library. Tell interested students to come and see her.

Also, BCPL summer reading club volunteer registration starts March 28 and runs through April 10. If any of your children are interested in volunteering at your local branch, have them visit this page for more information and to register, when registration opens.

Kid Snippets: "Library" (Imagined by Kids)
Flocabulary - Dividing Fractions - Keep, Change, Flip

Adding event instructions

1. Type the following password: ocms0252

2. Put your entire BCPS email in to the box marked email

3. Click Add Event on the left-hand side

4. Follow the instructions in the box below.

Note: If you are co-teaching with me title the lesson Stellmann/"Your Name" or vice versa.

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