Teach With Minimal Use of Photocopies?

Less Paper ~ More Technology

Over the past number of years, I have been involved in assisting teachers create "if / then" statements as part of their collaborative inquiries with student work and teacher practice. What I am wondering is ... "If I minimize the amount of photocopies that students are given, then will the students learn just as much or more?"

Refining the "Theory of Action Statement"

"If I co-construct criteria and anchor charts with students in all areas of the curriculum, then students will better comprehend the tasks they are expected to complete."

"If I increase my use of technology to prepare explicit lessons and record observations using applications on the iPad, then students will also increase their comprehension of the task and experience greater success in curriculum areas while learning how to use technology effectively for authentic purposes."

Human Resources - Instructional Leaders

As I transition back into the classroom it will be very important that I make the best use of the assigned Early Literacy Teacher, Resource Teacher and Tech Resource Teacher. I think that it would also be in my best interest to draw upon the expertise of my grade level team members and staff members at the school.

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I have subscribed to as an educator. My intention is to use this "invitational flyer" format to communicate with parents. Using this computer application will allow me to create newsletters online that will highlight student work and upcoming events.

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My Class Site

This is another option that I might consider using for "paperless" communication. Although I have not used this application before, I believe that it would work well for creating an online calendar and posting "homework" assignments or reminders of items to bring in for projects.This Peel site also allows teachers to suggest recommended Internet sites that will support student interests and also support parents as they work alongside their children.

Peel 21st

I think that accessing this "chicklet" will be very important this year as everyone is learning together and experiencing how to access information electronically, communicate virtually and promote safe surfing ensuring that students are following agreed upon criteria.

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This appears to be an easy to use computer application where students can be added and online discussions can take place and be tracked. This might be a great option to use for "inquiry circles" or "book clubs."


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