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By: Rauf & $pencer

I dont know anything about animal cloning?!

Cloning animals is the most recent way of selective breeding animals. It is a reliable way of creating superior livestock genetics. Cloning does not in any way change the animals genetics or DNA. By fusing cells together from mammals, it allows breeders to make an identical twin of an animal. The clones a superior breeding animals that are used to create healthier offspring.
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Some cows :]

How is it helpful?

>It lets famers and ranchers make their most productive livestock faster to better produce >food that is healthy and safe

>Cloning animals reproduces the healthiest animals available

>Consumers benefit from it because meat and milk will be more consistent safe and healthy

>Cloning can be used to protect endangered species

>most of the food will be supplied from the offspring of clones, not the actual clone


>Cloning has a very high failure rate (.1% - 3% success rate)

>Cloned animals might get Large Offspring Syndrome (LOS). Animals with this disease can get breathing and blood flow problems. Scientists cannot reliably predict if the disease will happen

>Clones might look the same and have the same DNA sequences, but can have different Gene expression patterns.

>Some cloned animals can have sorter lifespans because of differences in their chromosomes

Did you know ?

The number of cloned animals in a barnyard is extremely small compared to the total livestock. The cloned animals are only used for breeding, not for food.

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>In 1901, A German scientist by the name of Hans Spemann was able to split a 2-Cell embryo in 2 parts. He theorized it was possible to clone animals from fusing an embryo and egg cell

>July 5th ,1996 A sheep in Scotland was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell.

>Over the years people from different countries are able to clone different types of animals