The First Amendment Of The U.S.A

The Rights Of All American Citizens By:Atzel Arroyo

Freedom of Religion

All U.S citizens have the right to freedom of religion. Which means that they can be part of any religion they want, they can believe in anything the want or they don't have to believe in nothing at all if they want.

Freedom of Speech

Today all people that are U.S citizens have the right to express their opinions and thoughts about the government without any ristraint. This right is called freedom of speech.

Freedom of Press

People who everyone who is a U.S citizen has the right to print or write whatever they want without any censorship by the government.

The right to assemble

The right to assmeble is a right which basically lets all U.S citizens have meetings when ever they want about any topic or subject without any restriction or limitation.

The right to petition

People in the U.S have to right to petition. Which basically means that they can write a formal complaint to the government to express how they feel about the government or to explain what they think the government is doing wrong.
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