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Week beginning 10th February

Library Lovers Month

Yes, forget Valentines Day, February is Library Lovers Month. This is the time that you remember how wonderful your library is and increase your borrowing!

At QBS we have started the month by encouraging our children to say why they love the Learning Centre. This has proved to be very popular and our initial display board is already full. It is so lovely to hear that the children love the books on offer, enjoy the worm holes and think that we have good systems in place. Next week we intend to hold craft sessions at lunch time so that the children can help us make decorations to give the LC a little more sparkle. Coming soon we also have a book trailer competition in which children can video themselves talking about books they love and why others should read them.

It looks like February is turning out to be rather lovely.

The cold weather. BRRRRRR!

This week it has been rather chilly, to say the least. This is not too popular with most of us as it makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and means that we have to wear lots and lots of layers. There is however a positive side to this cold spell.

Our children are obviously feeling a little cold so are looking for a warm cosy refuge. This has meant a huge increase in the number of visitors we have had this week. On Thursday lunch we had over 100 children turn up to read. What was most heart warming was that they didn't come to mess about or be silly, all the children came to read.

I for one am hoping the cold spell and the draw of our warm and cosy environment continues.

Bank Street College

If you are looking for the best books published for children in 2013 you can't go wrong with the lists that Bank Street College publish. I am slowly working my way through their list of great titles and hope to stock the library shelves with more of these titles.

So, if you need new titles to download, or new paper copies, to keep your young reader happy check out this link, you won't be disappointed.

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