Rigor at CECHS

You thought you knew. . . But now you REALLY know!


Rigor at CECHS provides challenging thought provoking assignments with high expectations for students and teachers. Rigorous assignments ask students to go beyond their "comfort zone" and work above their abilities. These high expectations provide a framework for growth as students explore content depth and critical thinking skills to become active engaged lifetime learners.

Trends and Perceptions at CECHS

CECHS staff understands how important rigor is for developing college ready, critical thinking, 21st century skilled students. We are working toward comprehensive implementation of the CIF, big ideas, and cross-curricular activities to promote rigor.

Self Assessment

Between Early Steps and Growing Innovations

Our CECHS Goals

Our goals are to continue to use the lesson planning template and common instructional framework, but add rigor. We should incorporate rigor specifically in our rounds groups and make a point to discuss rigor in our CECHS professional development.