video game town

Urban Region

If you ask a historian

If you ask a historian in my town there was a person who played games all the time and all of his friends told him he was going to blow up his Xbox and he just wouldn't stop playing video every day for about 4 hours and one day he was at home bored so he turned on his game console and as soon as he turned it on it blew up and then his friend came over and asked you want to play Xbox he said no cant it blew up and his friend said told you it was going to blow up and the kid said I should have listened.


food: the food you eat is the food that a thing in the video game would eat.

clothes: the clothes the people in video game town wear is video gam shirts.

water: the water that the people in video game town is regular water.
shelter: the shelter that they have is building's that they can fix with video game powers.

Transportation: the transportation is like on a video game.

Hygiene: how the people stay clean is by taking showers every morning and every night.

what my town is

what the landforms of my town is like it is in real life but the climate is cold because it is winter. Video Game town is bordering an ocean called, Xbox sea. So that's why every body is always playing video and also because my town is called video game town that's also why everybody is playing video games. The way people live is they live like real humans they bath every night and every morning. They dress like video gamer's would they dress in video game clothes. For example what video game clothes look like is with video game character like Mario and packman and call of duty and baseball players from baseball games for PlayStations.
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what my town is about

what my map show there is a populaton of about 145 people and what all those people do is play games. All the people wont go outside or game get off there gaming consoles. There is also a ocean called xbox sea they wont even go to the ocean.