The Weekly Comet

Volume 1 Issue 2 9-07-2015

Message from the Principal

Superstars! I hope everyone had a restful weekend. This job takes a lot out of us and it is important for us to take time to relax with our family and friends. As we enter the 3rd week of the school year I see that teachers are really getting in the groove. We see teachers constantly and consistently working with students, whether it is rotating during a whole group guided practice, pulling small groups or working one on one. This is what is looks like when we prioritize student achievement.

Thank you,


Shooting Stars

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We want to give a special shout out to some of our stars who have really shone extra bright!

Carpool TAs- Ms. Martinez, Ms. Conway, Ms. Guzman, Ms. Leal, Ms. Mancilla, Ms. Paz, Ms. Gomez, Ms. Terrazas and Coach P all work the carpool lane with both a smile and a focus on keeping the system running smoothly. Staying cheerful and professional can be extremely difficult when you are working with parents who may be in a hurry and frustrated. But these folks are clear, concise, corageous and direct.

Gen Ed Task Force- Even though we did not have a PD scheduled for yesterday, Ms.. Allen, Mr. Austin, Ms. Benson, Ms. Briggs, Ms. Chaparro, Mr. MArtinez, Ms. McKamy, Nurse Michael, Ms. Ravenell, and Mr. Quillen stayed late yesterday with Mr. Medaris to begin developing a comprehensive plan of support for our neediest students. The level of commitment shown to children was phenomenal. Through their work, we have no doubt that we will meet our goal of reducing the achievement gap between Gen Ed and Dual Language students.

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Reduce the achievement gap between Gen Ed students and Dual language students- The Gen Ed task force met yesterday and began work on creating a comprehensive system of support for our Gen Ed students. We are certain to meet this goal.

Improve Purposeful Aligned Instruction - We are beginning face to face spot observations with teacher that had spots last week. We will continue to observe clasrooms this week. Overall, we are seeing good classroom instruction. With just a few tweaks, we will definitely meet or exceed our goal of having 50% of teachers at proficient on their extended observation.

Improve the efficacy of professional development -We are analyzing the results of our last PD survey. While we still have a few compliance issues to be addressed during PD, we are committed to tailoring PD to meet the needs of the teachers. Teacher feedback, spot observations, and student achievement data will all inform our decisions about PD.

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TEI Updates

SLO and PDP due dates

9/08 through 9/11 Meet with your evaluator to preview your SLO and PDP

9/18 SLO and PDP submitted to evaluator in School Net

9/21 Evaluators approve and score SLO in School net

Beginning tomorrow afternoon, Henry and I will be meeting with teams to review SLOs. We will meet in the library from 3:30-4:30. We have a google sign up sheet where teams can sign up. We ask that grade level chairs, or grade level content leads sign their team up. Please note that we have reserved one slot for next Tuesday for 5th grade science. Next Wednesday, , 9-16-15 is reserved for for 2nd-5th Math and 2nd-5th RLA. All other team leads (Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, Specials and SPED) should use the following link to sign up:

Please bring a laptop and a hard copy of your SLO. Our goal will be to get SLOs revised so that they are all proficient. We also hope to complete cutting and pasting from the template into the schoolnet SLO form.

TEI Scorecards

TEI scorecards for returning teachers will be released to administrators next Monday, 10/14/2015. That week Henry and I would like to review scorecards individually with those teachers who will receive them. This will give us a chance to explain items that may not be clear and help teachers understand TEI more completely. We will meet with you in your rooms. Please go to the following link to see your day and time.

If we have have not included you please let us know, and we will update the list.

Teachers will receive their official scorecard via Oracle on the 18th.

Data Driven Instruction

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Interim Assessments

Division 4 is working on creating a common bank of Interim assessments. In the long run this can only help ease the work load for teachers at Silberstein. However, it seems that we will be giving some Division 4 common assessments in the next few weeks. These may replace our own internally developed assessments for the 1st six weeks. As soon as we have more information, we will pass it on to you.
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Compliance Videos

The following videos were due last Friday, please turn in your certificates to Maribel.

Darkness to Light and Diabetes Overview

This Friday, please complete-1)Legal Issues: FERPA & Copyright Law and Legal Issues: Section 504 Updated

First, you must create a new Region X account. As of May 1st, you must create New R10 Account

Click here to go to the sign on page:

  • Click the Create New Account link below and complete the information requested.
  • Validate your new account: You will receive an E-mail confirmation with instructions to validate your account. You will have 5 days to validate your account. After 5 days your account will be deleted.
  • Once validated, the system will return you to the Region 10 site where you may access the Online Learning Center again.

Then, you may begin taking your compliance courses by following this link: Make sure you are signed-in when taking the courses to ensure that your name prints on your certificate.

Teach Like a Champion-Lesson Planning Workshop

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd 2015 at 3:30pm


Heidi and Jen will be helping new teachers create Superstar Lesson Plans that include effective modeling, guided practice and independent practice that all support the LO and DOL. We call this the I DO, We Do, You Do approach. Please bring a laptop and this week's lesson plans.

Gen Ed Task Force

Tuesday, Sep. 8th 2015 at 3:30pm


Develop system of supports and interventions to reduce the Gen Ed Achievement Gap

Superstar PD- Library resources, System fixes and All in Learning

Monday, Sep. 14th 2015 at 3:30pm


  • Ms. Pilkington will take 10 minutes to show teachers how to find books and other resources in the entire DISD media system.
  • Mr. Medaris will be surveying teachers about systems that need to be fixed so that teachers can focus more easily on quality instruction.
  • Ms. Hawkins will be demonstrating how to effectively use All in Learning for formative assessments (on the fly), DOLs, Weekly tests, and Interim Assessments. This All in Learning is optional for experienced teachers. If you are skilled at using this program, you may skip this presentation.

Teach Like a Champion-Checks for Understanding

Wednesday, Sep. 16th 2015 at 3:30pm


New teachers will develop strategies to assess their students in real time to ensure that every student understands the content.

Superstar PD- Activity Fund and Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Monday, Sep. 21st 2015 at 3:30pm


Ms. Valadez will be reviewing important information regarding the Activity Fund.

Mr. Heffernan will facilitate a work session where teachers will work in teams to create a Comprehensive Needs Assessment. This is a mandatory Title 1 and NCLB process that will help us focus our attention on our greatest needs. Please bring a laptop.