The boy in striped pajamas


Main conflict

When Bruno move away from his home to another home called out-with he has trouble making friends.It only gets harder to make friends when Bruno lives at a place where no other kids live.


Out-with is the setting. Altho it is pronounced auschwitz he can't pronounce it.

Main characters







Bruno comes home to find his things packed. His mom then tells him that they are moving to Dads work. His sister Gretel tells him that they are going to out-with.


Bruno one day decides to go exploring along the fence. His parents told him to stay away from the fence but Bruno did not listen. Bruno finds a boy in striped pajamas on the other side looking down at the grass. Bruno is exited he has found another boy to play with he can make a friend.

The attack

One night at dinner lieutenant Kodler come over for dinner. Bruno notices that Mr Pavel hand is shaking as he pour's the wine. Bruno can feel the tenchion in the air. As Mr Pavel pour's wine into Kodlers cup he spills the wine onto Kodler.


One day Bruno went to the fence to talk to Shmuel and ask him why he was gone one day. Shmuel is sad he tells Bruno his dad has gone missing. Bruno tells him to look for clues that could lead to his dad. Bruno offers to help him. Shmeul is happy and will get him the same striped pajamas tomorrow.

On the other side

The day Bruno goes to the other side Shmuel brings cloths for him to wear. When crawling under the fence he gets really muddy every were. When Bruno gets to the camp he sees how horrible it is on the other side. After searching for a while they found nothing. When he is about to go home they are forced in to a room were they hold hands for the last time before they die from gas.