Atom Bomb

Camryn Nerren March 16, 2015


This article is a debate about wether or not the atomic bombs should have been dropped on Japan during WW2. One person was for it while the other was against it. It starts off with the person who is for it. They state that Truman could have ended the war differently, but the bombs were most effective. The person also states it was the right thing to do because Japan surrendered basically immediately and saved American lives in the process. The second half of the debate is the person who is against the bombings. The person says there were other alternatives Truman could have chosen that would have saved many innocent lives. The person even says that Truman spoke out and said the bombings were some what unnecessary.

Supporting Details

Person who is for bombings- The speaker puts in facts such as the Japanese surrendering just six days after the second bombings, which was a fast surrender and kept American troops from having to invade. Also it says over 100,000 Americans had lost their lives fighting the Japanese and if it weren't for the bombs more would have died.

Person against the bombings- This speakers states that 150,000-246,000 people were killed during the dropping of the two bombs. Many of those being women and children. And also many of those deaths being the result of exposure to radiation. And then the speakers says some of the top war generals and president Truman all said the bombs were an unnecessary use of lethal force when Japan had basically already surrendered.

Real-World Application

This article is showing a debate between two different view points of the bombs being dropped on Japan. The person who is for it is showing more emotions towards the U.S. side saying that many American lives were saved because of this. And the person who is against it is showing more emotions toward the Japanese side because it killed mostly innocent people and ruined a nation.

This article can be applied to your life by making you think of the consequences of your actions. Sometimes people have to be harmed in order to provide safety for yourself and for your family. It makes you look at both sides of the story and try to pick the best option which would hurt everyone the least.

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