Week of August 31st-September 4th 2015

News from the Captain's Quarters

~ Shout out to EVERYONE for a fantastic first week! I appreciate everyone's teamwork to help make the first week run smoothly! Great job to ALL!!!

~ Safety is our number one priority, so please make sure to get names of walkers to Janet, sibling names to Robin, bus riders to your team members', daycare riders to Emily, and parent pick up to the proper team members! Remind parents/families that they MUST have dismissal cards for pick up.

~ Don't forget to send me your enrichment club name by THIS FRIDAY! I've heard from several more people, and we are getting a great list. I will send an updated list of our current clubs either later today or tomorrow, so that everyone can see what has been taken so far.

~PLC's start this week. Please have your students take their backpacks, etc. to the gym for dismissal. This week, we will end the meetings so that teachers can show the specials teachers how dismissal works. Each specials teacher will be dismissing the same class each time, so she will shadow you this week to make sure all necessary details are in place. The same will be true for next week as well.

~ I would like to create an Elkins email group for parents this year. If you have a parent email group, will you send that to me, so that we can work on creating a group email for our campus? I know it will not contain everyone, but the district survey stated that email is most parents' preferred way of communication, so I would like to implement that this year to aid in our communication.

~ Make sure to check out the campus Canvas page. I have placed several documents in the "Files" section already.

~ Don't forget to communicate to parents about the "Donate Your Old Device" campaign! They can bring in their old devices, and they can be used for kids!!

~ Remember to put a learning target in the hallway when you are posting things in the hall to showcase. With all work posted, having a learning target visible helps all kids and visitors to know what the purpose of the work is and what the students were learning when the work was created. Remember to post the students' BEST work. Products should be high level, creative, and purposeful.

~ JOIN PTA!!!!

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~ The campus coin drive will take place the week of September 14th! We will collect different coins each day! Please begin promoting this, so that we can earn some money for our Enrichment Clubs. Money will be used to purchase things such as food, postage, materials, etc.

The schedule will go as follows:

Monday: pennies

Tuesday: nickels

Wednesday: dimes

Thursday: quarters

Friday: all coins

~ Our first ICLE day with consultants will be next Thursday, September 10th. Fifth grade will meet in the morning at 8:00-11:00 AM and Fourth grade will meet in the afternoon from 12:00-3:00PM. Meetings will take place at Saginaw Elementary. If you have a sub you want to request, please let Laura know.

~ We ARE still utilizing Elk Bucks this year. Make sure to reward students who are showing good PRIDE behavior. One thing we have talked about is making sure all students know a universal symbol on how to get attention. We will go over this in the spirit rally on Sept. 25th. But, until then, teach your students "Give me 5." You raise your hand up with all 5 fingers spread, and students stop what they are doing to give you their full attention. We thought another fun "theme" related one would be (teacher says "ahoy" students reply "mateys"). Again, we will go over this in the spirit rally but please introduce to your students now. Remember to tell your students how PRIDE Posse has changed. Remind them about the 2 parties that they can work towards!

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~ One thing the district is working towards is having UIL at every elementary campus. Even if we only begin with one event, we want to have participation this year. I will be sending out a letter that details what is involved. I urge you to consider being a leader of a UIL team. This is something that could be done during Enrichment time, as well. Please look for that informational email to be coming out this week!!

Dates to Remember

* Friday, September 4th: College Colors Day (district wide)

* Monday, September 7th: Labor Day- no school

* Tuesday, September 8th: Staff meeting in the library @ 3:00

* Thursday, September 10th: ICLE Consultant Visit Day 1 (5th grade (AM) & 4th grade (PM)

* Friday, September 11th: Compliance Bundle is DUE!!

TSR part 1 is due for teachers

* Monday, September 14th: PDAS observation window begins

* Tuesday, September 15th: Kori off campus at LEAD meeting all day

* Wednesday, September 16th: Bobby off campus at Training

Sonic Night- Party on the Patio

Thursday, September 17th: Kori off campus at training

PTA meeting & annual Title 1 Meeting @ 6:00pm

Tuesday, September 29th: Curriculum Night (3 rotations)




(Each presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in length. The 5 minutes will allow for transition time between grade levels for parents with multiple families)

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