The Battle of Waterloo

By: Larry Convery


Napoleon was born August 15, 1769. He came from a poor family of low education because of that he went to the army at age 16 and he moved the ranks fast. So when a general died so he seized his opportunity and became a general. Then became one of the most feared leaders.


The Battle of Waterloo was an unmatched fight 3:1 200,000 meeting on a piece of land only 2 and half miles long just outside the small Belgium town of Waterloo. It was a bloodbath for napoleon he was surrounded on all sides and barely had a enough troops to defend on all sides. He was able to survive 100 days against the onslaught of soldiers and he was taken back to prison after the war.


It was a Sunday in June 18, 1815 and the war began 9:30 A.M. It was the year of allegiance in Europe and they sent all their troops against napoleon. Paying the troops almost made Europe's economy fall and it put multiple countries in debt.


It happened in The small Belgium town of Waterloo on a piece of land not even 3 miles long and most of the war took place on a farm but after the war. Waterloo was in a bad condition but it was supported by the government at the time.


The reason this war happened because reactions from the British and they grouped as many soldiers as they could and pushed for napoleon. If they would have attacked anywhere else Napoleon could have ran but the land trapped him. But he was exiled back to Alba prison.