California gold rush


The great California gold rush began in Jan 24, 1848, on that day James W. Marshall found a piece of gold in the American River as he was building a sawmill for John Sutter. news of gold brought tons of people to the american river where they panned for gold. including storekeepers, cooks, carpenters, teachers and farmers.

The Gold Rush

a lot of prospectors came to get rich, they were already making 10x there original amount of earnings. there were a few methods when it comes to finding gold there was mining for gold underground. and there was panning for gold which most people did below i have a instructional video on how to pan for gold.
How to pan for gold


the great gold rush later ended in 1855 when the chances of finding gold was slim. some people got extremely rich and some actually lost money. sadly some people died from either disease or they were killed.