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How to be a Capitalist

For this type of life, you will need to study up on the skills that are needed for this type of profession! Improve your business and investing skills. You need these for the B (Business) and I (Investment) quadrants.
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Who has Capitalism in the world?

  1. Germany - Germany is at the top of Capitalism, they have a ton of stuff, like banking and educational systems.
  2. United States - America is the nation of risk takers. IT expands and grows constantly with new technology. They are the epitome of wealth.
  3. China - China has reformed their economy and it has grown so much over the decades. They may not seem like it, but yes they are Capitalist, as long as entrepreneurship as long as it's allowed by the government.
  4. India - Although many of the residence are poor they are still Capitalistic, they have enough of Capitalistic power to pull themselves out of poverty with a flick of the wrist.
  5. Japan - By focusing on few key places, the Japanese have shown great growth and have gained lots of profit from it.
Why Capitalism Works