By Heaven Romero


Helping animals is a start of being a vet.


To become a vet you will have to have a doctor or medicine degree one or the other will work.

you make sure you can work through any type of also show you care if someone lost teire pet.


You have to wear clothing you can move in.The proper Uniform would be scrubs.


You make 42.11 per hour. You also make 87,590 per year.


To become a vet you have to have a doctor or medicine degree. One or the other will work.


Social is the cluster. Helping, instructing, care giving. All this information come from bureau of labor statics
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vets work both indoors and outdoors. It depends on were you are working. THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM BUREAU OF LABOR STATICS


You can work on farms and laboratories depends, what type of animals your working with and, what type of condition they are in

Responsibility/o*net online

You need to be able to take care of animals. You need to find cures and what is wrong with the animals.

by yourself or group work

You do have to work by yourself sometimes but you do have group work to.