Heat sink and fan

by Andrew Samphier

What is a Heatsink as Fast As Possible

What is a heat sink???

a heat sink is a very important component in a computer. It cools the cpu when it gets hot, so is vital in the computer's use. The heat sink is located below the fan, the shiny silver block on the picture. It draws out heat from the graphics card below it, and the fan cools the hot air.
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Why is the heat sink used???

the heat sink has lots of gaps and crevices in it to direct the hot air towards the fan on the top. if there was only a fan, some of the hot air would escape out of the sides and the computer would overheat. this is the most effective way to cool down the computer.
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How to improve the performance of the heat sink

1. try lowering the room temperature. this will help improve the performance of the heat sink, and will cool your computer down more.

2. try to make air flow faster over the heat sink. this will make the air move faster and cool it down more

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The Heat Sink

This is a picture of the heat sink. you can clearly see the channels which the hot air travels through to get to the fan. usually you cannot see them so well because of the fan mounted on top.

The fan

the fan draws out the hot air from the heat sink and circulates it, making it cooler. it is powered by the power supply. Thank you for listening to my presentation on the heat sink and fan