Belair News

April 13 -17, 2015

Things to Note/Upcoming Events......

Monday, April 13 - MAP Admin Training for all involved staff - 7:45 AM (library)

Tuesday, April 14 - Fifth Grade visit to MU

Wednesday, April 15 - Belair Literacy Team @ 8:15; Scott meeting with 3rd - 5th for MAP Designated Supports discussion during plan times; Rise and Shine Field Trip

Thursday, April 16 - Scott Out AM; Belair Chick-Fil-A Night 5:00 - 8:00 (Dine In Only) - must tell cashier for "Belair" to get credit; WATCH DOG - Scott Spencer here 8:15 - Noon

Friday, April 17 - Mid -terms home; Staff Meeting @ 8:00 AM; Fifth Grade Outdoor Ed Day

Happy Birthday: April 11 - Blaine Crocker; April 17 - Michelle Mosley; and April 18 - Valerie Miller

Student Meetings: Monday - C. Munoz @ 3:00; Tuesday - A. OBrien @ 8:15 and Y. Guillen @ 3:00; Wednesday - B. Walters @ 3:15; Thursday - F. Blanco @ 8:15

Upcoming Culture/Belair Cares Events:

AMP Schedule: Monday - Yellow; Tuesday - Red; Wednesday - Blue; Thursday - Yellow; Friday - Red

Morning Duties: 8:30 - 8:45 Gym (Farmer/Schulte); 8:30 - 8:45 Cafeteria (Cordray); 8:30 - 8:45 Car Riders (Glenn/Dixon)


April 15 and 30 - at minimum grades updated in Infinite Campus

April 17 - Mid-terms go home

April 24 - Orders Due

April 30 - Website updated for month

May 1 - 2015/2016 Class Divisions Due

May 5 - Final SRI Growth Report (first/last test)

May 8 - Reading Circle and Rocket Math Completion

May 20 - End of Year Checkout Due and Student Portfoloios

Link for SMARTER BALANCE Practice Tests and Information

ELA, Math, and Science tests are now available. Practice tests are a great way for students to become familiar with the format of the online tests and the various tools available. You must utilize GoogleChrome to access the link.


This video highlights the seven strategies of assessment FOR learning. It helps guide us in how specific feedback helps us answer three essential questions for our learners: Where am I going? Where am I now? and How do I close the gap? Have some discussion with your team about the type of feedback you provide most often to your students. Are you heavy on the evaluative side? Are you working toward utilizing more descriptive feedback?
Effective Feedback and Formative Assessment

School Wide Positive Behavior Support

As the school year is winding down, and we start assuming the 'survival' position, remember our students are probably in the same mode....

  • Spend time revisiting needed expectations, routines, and procedures - especially those in which you feel are potential problem areas
  • Reinforce students who are meeting your expectations - especially when you have students that are not - focus on the positive choice over bringing attention to the negative choice - shoot for 4:1
  • Direct class meeting discussions on what is really going well in your classroom community and talk about some end of the year goals
  • Provide opportunities for students to become engaged in real learning through movement and conversation with each other