Mary Todd Lincoln

by Caroline Walker & Teagan Crane

Early Life

-Born on December 13, 1818 in Lexington,KY

-Daughter of Robert Smith Todd and Eliza Anne Parker

-Siblings were Elizabeth, Francis "Fanny", Levi, Robert Jr., Ann, and George

-Studied grammar, geography, arithmetic, poetry, and literature at the Shelby Female Academy in 1826-1832

-Mary came from a wealthy family, so there was really no need for getting a job. Life was good for Mary. Later in life, she was very interested in politics and abolition.

Marriage & Children

-Married Abraham Lincoln in 1842

-Had four children: Robert, Edward, William "Willy", and Thomas Lincoln

Civil War

-Mary Todd Lincoln was a very controversial first lady during her husband's presidency. Since all but one of her four sons sided with the Confederacy, Lincoln was accused of treason by Northerners and Southerners shunned her and claimed she was un-loyal to both the South and her children.

After the War

-She suffered from many physical and mental disabilities after the four-year-war. The traumatic events during war, her children's loyalty to the CSA, the pain or death her children went through, an incident where she was thrown from a carriage, a sudden death of her son William in 1862, and, worst of all, the assassination of her beloved husband. These traumas contributed to crazy behavior, severe depression, anxiety, paranoia, migraines, and diabetes. These many dysfunctions led her last son to declare her insane and send her to a mental sanitarium.

-She attempted many suicides, but failed them all. She felt she was not insane, but held against her own will. She later died in Springfield, Illinois on July 16, 1882 in the home of her sister.

-She is buried in the LIncoln tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery, in Springfield Illinois.

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Interesting Facts

  1. She suffered from many mood swings
  2. Got in trouble for spending too much money redecorating the White Hose
  3. She was 14 inches shorter than her husband, at a height of 5'2
  4. Her husband called her Mollie
  5. She did not attend the funeral of her husband or her son William