Stop Wasting Coal



In this newsletter it’s going to be discussing about how we waste coal, how can it affect the environment and social, what can we do to prevent wasting coal, and what are the uses of coal.

What Does Coal Manufacture?

Coal manufactures many things. There are 2 different types of main coal, metallurgical coal and thermal coal. Metallurgical coal only produces coke (fuel), iron, steel petroleum, cement and synthetic rubber. Thermal coal creates just, 56% of the electricity, and heat generation.

How Do We Waste Coal?

In daily life we could waste a lot of coal and we don't even think about how do we? Well, as you read above coal produces power. So, if coal produces power, and power produces water and if we waste water water then we waste coal. It's as simple as that! Here are some real life examples of how waste coal and how can we prevent this.

  • street lights on during the morning and afternoon- use natural sunlight in the morning and afternoon instead of using streetlights
  • projector on when not using- turn of when not using (school)
  • take long baths- take short shower that last 4-5 minutes instead of long baths
  • turn on the air conditioner when it's winter- open the windows for wind
  • using standard light bulbs- Use energy efficient light bulbs or LED light bulbs
  • turn on the water tap while brushing your teeth- turn of the taps when not using
  • turn on all the electricity devices when leaving- turn of all the devices when leaving or when not using
  • taxi/bus leave engines on while no one is driving- turn of the engines when not using

And Some More On How We Waste Coal.......

How Can Wasting Coal Affect The Environment And Social?

We can affect the environment if we’re wasting coal. Since coal produces many things like power, electricity and etc, if waste those things then were basically wasting coal.


The effects that could happen to the earth and social when wasting electricity are……

  • all of them can create carbon dioxide (CO2) after burned that cause global warming as we face today

  • every 100 children who drink groundwater contaminated with arsenic from coal power plant wastes were at risk of developing cancer.

  • electronics itself have toxic material and some type of plastic will create toxic such as dioxin that can make you get cancer after it’s burned

The Message

The message that this newsletter is trying to spread is mainly to stop wasting coal. Think of coal as gold, it's valuable and what it we runs out? Coal is a non-renewable resource and theres a limit. So, don't waste coal!