The France project

By Janessa K.G

France is located in the united kingdom in Europe. Its capital city is Paris. Paris is Famous for its Eiffel tower which was built in 1887 January 28th.
in 1789 the French revolution began.althogh the historians did not know how it began so this is all I know. Lets move on we know LOTS of people died in war and it was a struggle. many came back alive the ones that were dead were buried into soft soil how knows maybe you have a relative how severed in that war. think about it
in there culture they ate a lot of bread,chesse,and wine.they are also a cuisine for there truffles.

the French speak there own language want to know what it is its simple its French, France also team up with great Britain to Fight against Germany in world war 2 and mostly Hitler.


1.pokemon x and y was inpered by french while were inspered by japan

2.the statue of liberty was created by a french carpenter they then set sail to deliver it.

3.france has 5 over seas collectives.

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