John Paul II Collegiate

2020/21 School Safe Plan

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Mandatory Masks for all Staff and Students

All staff and students will be required to wear 2 or 3 layer face masks. (bandana and gaiter masks are not acceptable.) This includes on the bus and in the school. Families will be asked to provide one mask per day, per student. JPII will provide masks if necessary.
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All staff and students will be reminded to self-monitor each day for symptoms related to COVID-19.

Isolation Room

John Paul II is equipped with two Isolation Rooms to house a student/staff member who presents with symptoms of COVID if it is not possible for person to wait outside (supervised).
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All communication (attendance, learning materials, assignments, grades) will be done through EDSBY. Parents and students will receive login information. Students who are not able to attend school will be able to access all learning materials and instructions through EDSBY.

Students and parents/guardians will receive login information as soon as it is available.
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Students with Intensive Needs

Students with intensive needs will be supported on an individual basis with the designated Student Support Services teacher to ensure a safe environment for all.

Wellness Team

Students will have access to mental health and social-emotional supports through our counselling department, mental health capacity building initiative, our school Chaplain (Father Greg) and Braided Journeys teacher, Mr. Fox.

We will also continue to foster our strong relationships with community agencies for continued support for our students.


At this time, all extra-curricular activities are suspended until further notice.

Limited Access to Building

* To ensure the safety of our students and staff, the outside doors will be locked at all times.

* When dropping off or picking up students, please do not enter the school. Please ensure you drop off and pick up at your child's designated grade level location.

* Parent contact and meetings will be through telephone and/or Google Meet. If the need arises to enter the school, you are asked to call to make an appointment. When you arrive, you may ring the outside doorbell located at the main doors.

* All visitors must wear a mask in the school and sign in at the office. There will be access to the office only (no classroom visits).
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Hygiene Protocols

Along with hand washing stations already in washrooms, sanitization kits have been provided in each classroom and four hand washing stations will be placed strategically throughout the school. Sanitization of classrooms and washrooms will occur throughout the day. Instructions on how to properly wash hands has been provided in each washroom.
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Washrooms and high traffic areas will be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day.

Classrooms will be supplied with the necessary personal and surface cleaning supplies.

School Week Schedule (1 Remote & 4 In Class)

Monday – Students will remain at home. They will be provided with learning opportunities and scheduled contact times from their teacher(s).

Tuesday-Friday – Students will attend regularly scheduled classes at JPII.

No curricular time will be lost, and students will be provided with the opportunity to further their experience with virtual learning.
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Low Contact Measures

*Students will enter and exit through designated grade level doors.

*Students will remain in cohorts of grade alike students as much as possible throughout the day.

*Students will eat in Period 3 classrooms OR be asked to leave campus at lunch.

*Division III lunch break is from 11:45am -12:15pm

Division IV lunch break is from 12:15pm – 12:45pm.

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Nutrition Programs

The Servery will continue to provide meals for students at reasonable rates.

Community schools will continue to provide the breakfast and lunch programs for students.

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School Supplies & School Fees


*2 x 1.5-2 inch binders

*2 packages of dividers

*2 packages of looseleaf

*1 calculator (basic, not scientific)

*5 blue or black pens, 1 red pen

*8 pencils

*2 erasers

*Individual scent-free hand sanitizer

*4 re-usable 2 or 3 layer masks (1 per day)

*Gym shoes


*1-2 highlighters

*Package of pencil crayons

*Package of markers

*1 pair of small scissors

*1 glue stick

*1 ruler

*JPII encourages students to re-use items from previous years.

School Fees:

Parents will receive an invoice and information to subscribe to our new online payment system in the near future.

Gradual Re-Entry

John Paul II would like to welcome all students back before September 8th to explore the new measures being implemented for our safety. Please note: this is not mandatory attendance.

Grade 8 – September 1st from 9am – 11am. Please enter through main office doors facing the intersection of 15th Ave. & 97th Street.

Grade 9 – September 1st from 1pm – 3pm. Please enter through the door facing 97th street, closest to the main doors.

Grade 10 – September 2nd from 1pm – 3pm. Please enter through the Chapel doors facing 14th Avenue.

Grade 11 – September 3rd from 1pm – 3pm. Please enter through the doors facing 14th Avenue and closest to Servery.

Grade 12 – September 4th from 1pm – 3pm. Please enter through the Student Parking Lot doors.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 8th @ 9AM