New York

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Originally called New Amsterdam by the Dutch, New York was founded in 1626 by Dutch colonist Peter Munuit. In 1664, The Dutch lost New Amsterdam to England, who renamed it New York after the Duke of York. This colony was governed as a Royal Colony and was originally founded for trade and profit.

Tolerant of All Religions

New York is a city tolerant of any religion there is! Whether you are Puritan, Catholic, Angelican, Jewish, or any other religion of your choice, you are welcome to live in the beautiful colony of New York.

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Fun Facts

  • Good farmland, timber, furs and coal were all important aspects important to the founding of this colony. Iron ore was a particularly important natural resource.
  • Food production like corn, wheat, and livestock, were essential to many middle colonies, including New York
  • The climate is a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters that were perfectly suited for farming and agriculture