From Mrs. Hopkins....

Missing Work

Make-Up Day

We are nearing the end of the second quarter and your child has some missing assignments. Many of these assignments are set aside for your child to work on when he/she is finished with work. However, some of them were found today shoved in the back of their desk incomplete. With all our normal daily assignments it is difficult to complete unfinished work from previous weeks. Some students miss recess to work on assignments but that seems to not be enough time for some. I am offering for you child to stay after school on Friday December 14th until 5:00pm to complete these assignments. Any students not picked up by 5:00 will be sent to after-school and charged a fee of $15.

Any assignments not turned in will be recorded as a zero and MAY greatly affect their 2nd quarter grade for report cards. Renweb has been updated to reflect your child's zeros.

If your child has any zeros and you are interested in having your child stay to complete assignments please RSVP and let me know.


Mrs. Hopkins