Producers are organisms, like green plants, that produce organic compounds from inorganic compounds. These are also a type of autotroph. Then green plants, for example, are are eaten by consumers in this case, grazing animals like the zebra.
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Species are the different kinds of organisms found on the Earth. A more exact definition of species is a group of interbreeding organisms that do not ordinarily breed with members of other groups. If a species interbreeds freely with other species, it would no longer be a distinctive kind of organism. This definition works well with animals. However, in some plant species fertile crossings can take place among morphologically and physiologically different kinds of vegetation. In this situation, the definition of species given here is not appropriate. 

Decomposers and Orgaisoms


What Decomposers are.

Decomposers and scavengers break down dead plants and animals. They also break down the waste (poop) of other organisms. Decomposers are very important for any ecosystem. If they weren't in the ecosystem, the plants would not get essential nutrients, and dead matter and waste would pile up.
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