4th Six weeks Ode and Poetry


Ode to BROWNIES!!!!!😆

Delicious Chocolate sensation

How I could eat thee

But when my mother Bakes

There is much Temptation

To taste your luxurious taste

Vanilla you can't compare

To this tasty chocolate square

I could eat you every day

If only there were enough

For you are eaten without one thought

I wish to eat you every day

I hope you'll never go away

There is much temptation

For your chocolate sensation

Heavenly Brownie I can't live without you

Yesterday Today Tommorow

Yesterday,the past,I was different

I didn't personally like myself

My choices

They drove my mind crazy

Made many bad choices few good

But that was Yesterday

Today,the present, not much has changed

Somethings better

A couple worse

I long for the future

Where maybe I can be better

Tommorow, the future,


Can happen

I must decide

No a

No one else


My choices

Lead to good

And bad

I hope

For the better, Tommorow

Thanksgiving Alliteration

Thanksgiving,a time of joy

Where we all come together

A wonderful

Family Festival feast

The people gather round

The humongous Table

To have a glorious feast

We feast on all

Of this delicious food

Turkey,Tea, and Tomatoes

Pumpkin and pecan pie

The pilgrims made this day

For us to feast with family

So have a time

And grab a plate of pumpkin and potatoes