Nick's utopia

In my Utopia

In my Utopia it would be filled with life. It would be very be very clean and no trash wold ever exist. There also of course would be no crime at all there occurring and everyone would be at peace and harmony. There would be no currency or money... I say this because in this world money is a big issue and that's is a huge reason why so much crime happens today such as, Drug dealing, Bank robbery, and other crimes just to make some dough. In my Utopia everyone would be kind to each other and share instead of having to commit crime to get currency Everyone will have their own things and there wouldn't be a reason to commit crime. There also would not be any drugs in the world. And i'm talking about the drugs that are not used to medicine.
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Some ways on why LOTF is no way near a utopia

There are many reasons why LOTF is not a Utopia. One of those many reasons is because there island is no where near perfection. Everyone argues there. One group wants to hunt and kill for meat another group wants to get saved and start a fire and keep it going. One group doesn't want adults to come another group does want adults to come. There island is not really clean and looks nice. LOTF is no where near a utopia because of the simple fact that it is run by kids! There are no adults on the island "So Far" and some of the kids cannot take that and really do need adults. Like Ralph and piggy for instance. I think that a utopia needs to have peace and some sort of law system to keep things straight in order. LOTF the kids can basically do whatever they want really and not have a consequence unless one of the other kids don't like what they did or what they are doing.

Quotes that prove LOTF is not a Utopia

Quotes that i thought make LOTF not a Utopia

"Shut up,” said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. “Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.” “I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance. “Ralph, I’ll split up the choir–my hunters, that is–into groups, and we’ll be responsible for keeping the fire going"

I put these quotes in because is shows them arguing about who is going to be chief. The last quote i put in because jack is talking to Ralph about he is going to keep the fire going and he is gonna have a group called "Hunters" Eventually jack didn't keep the fire going and all he and the "Hunters" wanted to do was to kill animals and supposedly get meat.