Rebecca Miller

Geography of Rome

Rome is located near the center of Italy, a peninsula located in the Mediterranean.

Rome's fertile planes helped the population grow. Romes people were able to move easily through the lands of the Mediterranean because of the location of the Italian peninsula.

Roman Republic

The Roman people had a government called a republic. In a republic officials were chosen by the people. The most powerful body of the government was the senate. Senates were members of the land holding upper class, called patricians. These officials elected 2 consuls who supervised the business of government and commanded the armies. Plebeians made up of most of the population. Plebeians were farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders.

The Roman Empire

Rome conquered all of Italy . The Romans went on to conquer Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, and parts of the Asia Minor. The Roman Empire spread stability over a large area of the world, including parts of Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia for the 200 year peace in Rome called the Pax Romana.

12 Tables

The Plebians demanded written laws saying that they could not know what the laws were if they were not written down. The 12 tables was a set of laws displayed in the market place. Later, the Plebians won the the right to their own officals. and serve in all kinds of government jobs.

Roman art and Architechture

The most popular Architecture in Rome was the aqueduct the aqueduct was a bridge like stone structure that carried water from the hills to the city. They also used Geek style statues in their homes and public buildings

Fall of the Roman Empire

The fall of the Roman Empire was caused by military, social, economic, and Political reasons.

*The Roman army lacked training and discipline.

*Population decreased because of war and disease.

*Heavy taxes were necessary to support the government

*The government became to strict so people stopped supporting it