2014 Blast Off Workshop

Part of the Ignite Your Potential Live Series

JDRC 2014 Blast Off Workshop

Power, Confidence & Transformation

You will Learn & Integrate

  1. 3 Powerful tools that will reshape your ability to take action, get results and control the happiness you feel in life
  2. How to activate your most highest power (and resourcefulness) in a matter of seconds
  3. Build a solid, easily executable plan for 2014
  4. To create a permanent shift that will empower you to create the life you want most in 2014

You will leave with:

  • Maximum Confidence
  • Maximum Focus
  • Maximum Drive
  • The Simple Success Process

AND we will break boards. Yes we are doing a board break! You will own your power and rock thru the New Year, and it starts by blasting through your old limitations.

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If you want different results, you must take different actions.

Your current life situation (and everything in it) is a direct result of the action you have been taking. If you want your life to be different, you must take different actions. If you want your life to be drastically different, you must take drastically different actions.

AND you will feel discomfort in doing so because major change (that yields greatness) requires breaking through comfort zones - a process that is not comfortable.

  • YES, you can continue doing what you're doing now. But how will you really feel, if you're the exact same place next year?
  • How will you feel if another year slips by again? In that same job, same relationship, same level happiness or fulfillment?

I am a Peak Performance expert and I specialize in helping people ignite the hidden potential within us. Your life is only going to get busier. If you want to make a permanent change and take complete control of 2014, join the 2014 Blast Off Workshop.

Receive $500 in free gifts

  1. Time Mastery Course (valued at $250)
  2. Financial Earning Identity Course (valued at $250)
  3. Wheel of life & wheel of business
  4. 60 minute presentation on taking massive action
  5. 10 minute power morning exercise routine
  6. List of powerful inspiration videos

Workshop Details


Monday Dec 9 (6:30 - 9:00 PM)

6:15 PM Registration

6:30 PM Start

9:00 PM End

For more information, contact

(916) 910-6541



New Life Chiropractic

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Working hard and stuck in the same place?

Do you know that you’re destined for a life greater than you are currently living? Do you want to live a passionate life filled with absolute 100% confidence? Are you sick and tired of letting years go by and living with the same average results

This 1 day (2.5 hour) workshop is designed build recession proof , rock solid confidence that will transform you life.

Secrets you will learn:

  1. 3 keys to getting everything you want most in life
  2. How to communicate with authority and live in world of confidence & possibility
  3. How to anchor success into your body and access it in anytime you want
  4. Break free from procrastination & harness your untapped potential

NOTE: This workshop is not for everyone.

If you are hesitant about playing full out and living life to the fullest, then this is not the course for you. But, if are willing to commit to a life of greatness, and commit to creating an absolutely outstanding quality of life, then is the course for you.

And can you break a board? Yes. Everyone can. Age doesn't matter. Neither does the size of the board. It's the power inside that matters, and in this class I will help you unlock it.

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