Second Grade SUPER News

Mrs. Morris and Ms. Pippen

Highlights from Second Grade

This week we have continued our 'It's Tricky' theme in the Superkids SUPER magazine. Mrs. Sayre came into our classrooms and taught us a few simple magic tricks. She first had us recite the Magician's Oath to never reveal our secrets. She demonstrated several tricks - The Magic Cards, Find the Heaviest Picture, Magic Book, and Magic Paper Clips. Then the students tried out a couple on their own. We hope that they also practiced magic on their families at home. Were you tricked?

Officer Hogan presented another DARE lesson. He spoke to the class about good and bad drugs/medicine and the importance of taking it only from a trusted adult. He also cautioned students of the dangers from smoking, second hand smoke, and drinking alcohol.

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Mrs. Sayre administering the Magician's Oath of Secrecy to second grade magicians.


This week we focused on base words, word endings, and r-controlled vowels in Superkids. The students had fun doing a Quiz-Quiz-Trade with word cards that had s, ed, ing, and er endings. They read their partner's word, told the base word, and then spelled it. We did a Round Table strategy to think of words containing r-controlled vowels, then shared our answers.

Students are continuing to work toward their AR goals for independent reading. On Wednesday of this week the LRC awarded prizes. Many students have read beyond their goal! GO READERS!


Problem solving was the focus this week using double digit addition and subtraction. We tried to introduce a variety of activities to practice math facts. The students made their own Quiz Quiz Trade cards for addition one day and subtraction the next. We again used Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up to switch to our next partner. We ended the week taking the Unit 1 - Measurement and Data post test. This is the grade that will appear as the Math Summative grade on the report card. Our next unit is Extending Place Value Understanding.
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