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SSTLN Conference and Trade Fair

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have secured two renowned presenters for this year's conference. Keynote speaker, Judy O'Connell, Quality Learning and Teaching Leader (Online) in the Faculty of Science CSU, "Pedagogy and School Libraries" and Michelle Jensen, President of the School Library Association of NSW, who will offer practical tips and strategies for creating a MakerSpace in just about any environment. Leveraging her experience as a practitioner she will provide practical and simple advice aimed at shoestring budgets and large budgets,

Also in attendance will be Belle Alderman, Emeritus Professor of Children's Literature/ Director, National Centre for Children's Literature, speaking about the role of the national archives.

We will also be holding a trade fair with various book sellers and library suppliers attending. So be ready to spend up!

This day will be open to all interested educators.

Judy O'Connell

Senior Lecturer
Quality Learning and Teaching Leader | Online
Faculty of Science
uImagine Digital Learning Laboratory
Division of Student Learning
Charles Sturt University

Judy is based in Sydney and works in online environments for the Faculty of Education, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University. Her professional experience spans primary, secondary and tertiary education, at school and district level, with a focus on learning, libraries and information curation.She has long been passionate about global participation and collaboration, so her ongoing commitment to projects like the Horizon Report: K-12 edition and the international journal School Libraries Worldwide help her stay in-tune with 21st century learning innovation. Her favourite areas of interest include: Information fluency and transliteracy; New media and social networking; Gaming and virtual worlds; Web 3.0 and the semantic web; School library design; and Public library services to children and young adults.

Michelle Jensen

With ten years teaching experience and four years as the President of the School Library Association of NSW Michelle has developed a unique pedagogy that harnesses the needs of today’s students.

Michelle Jensen inspires students, teachers and librarians everyday, She has ten years experience as a Teacher Librarian at DoE NSW High Schools and is President of the School Library Association of NSW, She has also launched her new company Michelle Jensen - Education. Her most recent work has been a collaboration with MyLearning on the Code 16 two day conference and the Great School Libraries campaign

Maker Space is her passion and in 2017 she will be working with Gary Stager and Edutech on a Maker Explosion in the Trade Fair.

Belle Alderman

Dr Belle Alderman AM is Emeritus Professor of Children's Literature at the University of Canberra. She is currently the Director of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc which collects and shares the creative talents of authors and illustrators through its collections, programs, festivals, exhibitions and social media. After many years as a teacher librarian in the US, she began an academic career at the University of Canberra in 1973 teaching children’s literature, school libraries and related subjects. She has served as a CBCA National Judge and reviewed children’s books for Reading Time, The Canberra Times and ABC radio. Recently she served as a judge for the Prime Minister’s Awards for Children’s and Young Adult books. She has spent her entire life immersed in children’s literature and cannot imagine a more fulfilling pursuit.

Enrol online

Enrol for "Libraries Making Learning" on MyPL@edu by Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.

Limited places available

Here is the InstaLaunch link, for participants to go directly to the course to enrol in it.

Cost : $60(non SSTLN members) and $30 (SSTLN members), including morning tea and lunch.

Please indicate if you have any special dietary needs.

SSTLN Term 1 conference

Wednesday, March 29th, 8:30am

Gymea Trade Union Club

The Kingsway,


Parking is available.


8.30 - 9.00am

Registration and coffee

9am - 9-10am

Welcome and housekeeping

9.10 - 10.10am

Keynote - Judy O'Connell

"Pedagogy and School Libraries"

10.10 - 10.50am

Session 1 - Belle Alderman

"Sharing the Resources of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature"

We have a dream we want to share, a dream where you play an essential role. Lu Rees founded the collection in 1974. She wanted a collection of Australian children’s books and materials about their creators so that teachers and teacher librarians would be inspired to instill the love of literature in young people. We began the collection with 1,000 books and 60 files. We now hold 32,000 books with 3,800 of these in 55 languages and 475 files on every major Australian children’s author and illustrator. We also collect illustrators’ artwork and authors’ manuscipts to explore the creative process and wide-ranging other material.

Now valued at over $10 million dollars, the Centre’s collection is poised to bring our nationally significant resources to the community. We are documenting our illustrator’s artwork and authors’ papers on our website and engaging individuals and communities with these resources, through our Twitter, Facebook, and e-newsletter plus programs, internships, festivals and exhibitions. Over the last few years, we have shared these resources with over 16,500 people, but there is more we want to do. Our physical resources include such artists as Bob Graham, Graeme Base and Shaun Tan, and authors’ papers from Emily Rodda, Jackie French and Isobelle Carmody. What plans do we have for sharing these riches, which are yoursfor posterity and for future generations. We want to share with you what we are doing and to hear your ideas on what you would like for us to do. We aim to support young readers to become not just literate but lovers of the word and the image.

10.50 - 11am

Trade supplier talks

11 - 11.30

Morning tea and trade fair

11.30 - 1pm

Session 2 - Michelle Jensen

"My journey to MakerSpace and how this fits into a dialogue for School Libraries"

MakerSpaces and libraries are informal learning sites libraries facilitate constructing knowledge through the access to information and MakerSpaces facilitate constructing knowledge through the manipulation and creation of Material object. With this in mind it is easy to explore the relationship between the school library and school MakerSpace. Both MakerSpaces and school libraries are constructivist learning spaces that share a common goal. Michelle will use her experience as a case study for understanding what the common goals are in her journey.

1 - 1.45pm

Lunch and trade fair

1.45 - 2.45pm

Session 3 - Michelle Jensen

"Pedagogy of MakerSpace in a school library"

This is a hands on session that will enable participants hands on experience with the pedagogy of MakerSpace. Participants will also develop an understanding of how to build this into a whole school program like SMART FARM.

2.45 - 3pm

MyPL @edu online evaluation and conclusion of meeting