Why this career?

I’ve always loved being around kids, spending time, getting along with them.

I’ve also loved the fact of having a job where you can help other people, and being able to make someone’s life healthier and save them is what interests me the most.

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The first and most important requisite needed for this job is to absolutely love kids, of course, along with other many manners.

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What do you need to become one?

  • 4 years of college.
  • 4 years of medical school which will lead to become a general doctor.
  • 3 more years of general pediatric training.
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As a Senior Project ..

I will be asking in different hospitals where the Pediatricians work at to see if I'm available to do community hours.

During that time I will be able to observe and see..

  • their everyday routine.
  • their responsibilities
  • the rate of age of their patient.

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