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Storage and Packing

Not every item and furniture will be or are planned to be taken to the new location. Moving companies like Newport Beach Movers know this. This is why most moving companies have their own storage services, while the rest are into tie-ups with storage companies.


There are clients, who are unable to find decent storage, can ask their moving company for help in this. Chances are, the moving company already knows what to do in cases like this. They may already have the storage company's number on their desk for such emergencies.

Clients should always bear in mind, though, that while these storage companies provide safe storage facilities for their items and furniture, they still have to pay them. The fees on these should include the storage charges and insurance coverage. There are different rates in this business, and the rates for temporary and permanent storage are never the same.

Appliances with Special Attention

Even though most, if not all, moving companies offer insurance coverage for the items and furniture to be moves, there is still a need to provide these things with careful packing and handling. If the clients didn't include packing as part of the contract with Newport Beach Movers, they should remember to pack their appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers in fitting boxes filled with foam or cloth.

They should also do the same for their other electrical appliances. Now, even though mechanical appliances are handier and tougher than the electrical ones, proper care on packing should also be exercised.

Breakable Items

Newport beach moving company offers their clients the additional service of packing fragile and breakable items that are nearly always made of glass and China tea pots and cups. These are fragile items that can easily be broken while on the road if these are poorly secured in their boxes.

Admittedly, this is an additional expense, but moving companies know how to deal with these kinds of items. Besides, not only do they have the experience, but they also have the proper boxes to put these in along with the means of securing these properly.

Still, there are some people, who prefer to do it on their own and later on discover that some had been broken during the ride. In nearly every case where such an unfortunate thing happened, they nearly always blame the driver, but it is soon apparent that the cause was poor packing.

Now, moving company drivers, especially with Newport Beach Movers, are drilled, told and instructed again and again to drive slow, smooth and easy. In time and experience, this is soon embedded on their driving skills and make for good drivers that are nearly never involved in accidents.

By opting to save more, these clients often end up wasting more. In fact, this particular service can be considered low and cheap. Clients don't even have to consider the value of these fragile and breakable items to know that the added service of packing these are low on the expense.

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