Christmas in Bethlehem

By Anna Loellke

Merry Christmas = חג מולד שמח

Christmas Food in Bethlehem

In Bethlehem people eat turkey cooked with cinnamon and pepper. They also eat stuffing made with nutmeg, pine nuts, and rice. They also eat Qedreh, which is lamb meat cooked with rice. For dessert, they eat baklava and wheat pudding. In Bethlehem, you can have one shot of sweet wine on Christmas Eve. Also, you get chocolates shaped like Santa Claus and a cookie. They may be taken home to eat later. Coffee is a good way of saying goodbye to someone on Christmas, and all year round.


Christmas has no official day in Bethlehem. People who are Catholic go to mass on Christmas. Mass is church. Protestant people have ceremonies at church like Catholics do. People exchange gifts too. The gifts may be something related to Jesus’s birth. The object would be sentimental, meaning you would cherish the gift.

Santa in Bethlehem

Bethlehem does indeed have a Santa. In fact, on Christmas, Christian people have a parade, people dress like Santa, and give out candies. The population is only 20% christian, but other people are proud to say that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. People in Bethlehem celebrate Christmas because of Jesus's birth, even people from other religions. Also people leave out goodies for Santa, but there's a twist. They also leave out sweet wine in the place of milk.

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